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Whether you are looking to get your first Bar Muscle Up or looking to get rid of a nasty chicken winggy one (we don't approve of those around here), this program is a great one for you!


What I love about the bar muscle up is, one you have your basics built (I suggest 5 Solid Chest-to-Bar Pull Ups + 10 Concecutive Toes-to-Bar) you will be cruising your way to this skill. It is very technical. 


This 5 Week program will walk you through step by step on building out this skill. It is also equipped with many videos to help you along the way.


Each of the 5 weeks contains a "Warm Up", the "Work", and "Strength Accessory". 


I suggest doing the weekly work 2-3x per week!


Hope to see you flyin high with this one!



Bar Muscle Up Program (5 Weeks)

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