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Are you Readyyyyyyy? Time to get that big, fancy, gymnastics skill!


This program is set for 6 Weeks and includes "Warm Ups", "Skill Work", and "Extra Strength Work" to help you achieve your first RMU or maybe improve one you just got. All of the "Warm Ups" and "Skill Work" include video walk throughs.


We will start with the basics on a set of low ring and slowly graduate to some contolled reps on the high rings. The end goal of this program: GET YOU THAT FIRST RING MUSCLE UP!


Ideally I want my athlete to hit the skill work twice a week and the extra stregth work once week. The skill work should take an athlete no longer than 15-20min and the extra strength work, no longer than 15min.


This is a very doable program for athletes looking to supplement their daily training with this extra skill work. 


Skill Requirements:

5 Connected Strict Pull Ups

5 Connect Kipping CTB

5-10 Connected Ring Dips 

Ring Muscle Ups (6 Weeks)

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