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Athlete . Coach .Comeptitor

What's my home doggie dogs!

I'm Rebecca. First thing you should know about me is, I'm not about the conventional/cookie cutter lifestyle. If it's a little weird with a good bit of challenge, I'm in, no matter what it is!

Most importantly,

I believe we should all be doing what we love! Life is too short and we are too valuable to not be doing what we love! Besides, thats where we are going to have the most fun be the most successful. Oh... and that's only if we WORK HARD (key ingredient)!

I'm a 3x CrossFit Games Athlete and Coach here at my home gym CrossFit BOLT. No doubt about it, I'm a gym rat. Twelve to Fifteen hour days in the gym are no stranger to me. From Training, to coaching, to shooting video, and back to more training and coaching, what keeps me fueld for these long days is our Community! 

I love it.

Every bit of training and helping other achieve the goals they didn't think were possible. Life's about that challenge and persevernece because a STRONGER YOU is waiting on the other side of it!

I hope you find your FIRE with the content myself and my team put out!



My Team!

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Coach / Fiancé


Best Bud


Cool Media Dude



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